Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its HERE!!!!

It is FINALLY here!!! Corinna's BIG Giveaway!! We have been overwhelmed by the response and can not wait to share all of these designers pages with you! We have 80 different designers participating....some, you may already "like" and some that may be "new" to you!! We are going to try and make this contest as simple as possible for people to enter.

In order to qualify to win, you must simply LIKE all of the required pages and come back here and leave ONE comment saying, "I liked them all" with your email address.....and then share a link on your FB page to the giveaway.......It would be nice to leave comments on FB pages that you visit but that is not a "requirement" because I know that a lot of people end up being blocked by FB for commenting so much in one day and we dont want to make things more difficult than they have to be. Afterall, these giveaways are suppose to be FUN and our goal is to first, say THANK YOU, to all of Corinna's 3000 plus fans and 2nd to introduce you to some FABULOUS designers you might not know about and to show how nice it is when women support each other and help promote each others businesses!!

THE RULES: It is MANDATORY that you like ALL of the pages in order to be qualified to win and the winners WILL be checked to make sure that they did indeed like all of the pages before we post who the winners are....if your name is picked by and you have not liked all of the required pages, another name will be drawn......
We ended up with 80 sponsors so instead of having 1 big winner we decided to have 4 BIG winners....The designers will be divided up into 4 groups of 20 so each winner will win 20 different items!

Here is the breakdown of what the 4 BIG winners will win:

Winner #1 will win items from these designers:

Corinna Couture
Olive & Eve
Charmed, by Heather
Petite Fleurs by Bellasma
Prissy Peacock
Sweet Emma
Modest Goddess
Bunny Lane
Peonies and Willowtrees
Whimsical Willows
Izzy's Attic
Posh and Whimsy
What do you fancy?
Splash of Color by moonlight
Ross & Rosie
PixieDust Necklaces
The Purple Chameleon
Itza! Blankie

Winner #2 will win items from these designers:

Monkey Tees
Aiko Art
Shake up Snow
Bridget & Co
Belly Bells Boutique
Born Again Creations
Pink Berry Pie
The Closet of Eden
Paisley and Posies
Kristen. You make me Smile
Mark & Gracie's
Lula Bop
Dilly Dally
J'adore Gigi
Three Little Dolls Boutique
Ellie's Garden
Fireflies and Mudpies

Winner #3 will win items from these designers:

Lola and Clementine
Fiza Designs
The Bitsy Beau
Gooseberry Lane
So Unique Bowtique
Sunnybrook Farm Designs
Little Bits by Lisa
Dayspring Dresses
Bits n Pieces by Kristen
Cherry Branch Boutique
Dashingly Dainty
Little Loves Designs
Little Ella Roo
Ruby Blue
KNP Actions & Textures
Pish Posh Girls
Bran and Bellas
Bellarina Boutique

Winner #4 will win items from these designers:

Tickled Pink Girls
All that Sass
Positively Whimsy
Blooming Hairlooms
3lp Couture
Cora Louise Boutique
Daydream Believers
Alexa Idolina
Pipsqueak Couture
Sugar Bug
Haileybugs Boutique
Filigree & Flowers
Aprons by Vitorria
Pineapple Spice
Petite Peanut
Ona Jean's Boutique

Lets Get Started: The first requirement is to click here and follow Corinna Couture's NEW blog: Corinna Couture Blog
2nd is to click here and follow my blog: Landojake Photography Blog
3rd is to like Landojake Photography FB page here: Landojake Photography

then listed below are 80 different Designers....Underneath each picture is a link that will take you directly to their FB page to make it easy for you to "like" all of their pages. (If you allready, "like" their page you do not need to do anything else) ;)

LAST, share a link to my blog on your FB page about Corinnas BIG giveaway....thats it!
Make sure after you like all the pages that you leave your name and email address in the COMMENT section at the bottom of the page  so that we will have all the information to submit to in order to pick the 4 big winners! The Giveaway will run for one week from today August 26th-Sept 2.Winners will be chosen via, and a notice will be posted on my Landojake Photography facebook page to let you know that the winners names have been posted on my blog. Good luck to EVERYONE!!!
****This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by facebook....Any information gained will be used for the sole purpose of contacting the winner/winners and notifying them of thier prizes.


  1. Wasn't sure which entry to comment in so- I signed up to follow the blogs with google connect, liked all the pages and posted about the blog on my business page, including tagging Landojake Photography and a link to the blog.!/pages/Garden-of-Eden-Photography/163672463701089

    Luciana Viramontes-

  2. I have liked all pages, follow both blogs and shared a link on facebook and tagged you. Thank you!

    Jessica Kruger

  3. Liked everyone, following the blogs and shared on FB. THANK YOU!!!

  4. I 'liked' them ALL!! hope I'm picked :):)

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  7. I Liked them ALL! My wallet may be hurting after!!/profile.php?id=1037263881

  8. I liked them all! My email is Thanks!

  9. Followed both blogs and like all the pages, gosh I hope I didn't miss one.

    Can't wait to start seeing things from all the new shops.

  10. Followed Corinna's new blog
    Followed your blog
    Liked your FB

    Shared the link on my FB -!/permalink.php?story_fbid=262965937055844&id=519461291

    Liked all 80 sponsors on FB

    Beth Willis

  11. Followed Corinna's New Blog!
    Followed Your Blog!!
    Like Your FB Page!!!

    Shared the Link on My FB:

    Like All 80 Sponsors on FB!!!

    Quin Julien

  12. I liked them all :) my email is

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  14. I liked all your links, and posted many to my page CREATIONS BY CASEY as new favorites. I shared a link on my page, as well.
    My email is
    ~Casey Finkbeiner, photographer, mom of 3, teacher, Wildtree rep.

  15. I have liked all the sponsors Facebook pages.
    I am a follower of both your blogs.
    I have shared the link to your blog on my FB page and tagged you and Corinna.
    Thank you both for this amazing giveaway!! It would be wonderful to be a winner!

  16. I liked them all and I follow the blogs. I shared a link on my facebook page.
    Chris Andersen Satko

  17. I liked them all, am now following both blogs, I shared the link on my page.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!


  18. I like them all, followed the blogs, and shared the link!

  19. I liked them all, am following both blogs and I shared the link on my FB page! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Schaneon M.

  20. I did all the requirements! I love this sort of giveaway because it always introduces me to a few amazing boutiques I hadn't yet discovered!

    Abigail Robertson

  21. Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway! I liked all the pages, followed the blogs, and shared on my Facebook page.

    My email is:

    Thank yall so much!
    Tiffany Seghini

  22. I really did LIKE them all! This is so awesome and what a wonderful way to give all these businesses exposure. I tried to comment on every single one but FB said it would delete my account if I did not STOP! so I stopped. But I really did LIKE them :D

    Thanks for including me in your giveaway!

  23. "I Liked them all"...thanks for the opportunity! or

  24. I liked them all! :) Now following both blogs and shared the link on Facebook. I sure hope I didn't miss any! This giveaway is amazing!

    My email is:

  25. I liked them all! :0) Am following the blogs & have my fingers crossed that I didn't accidently skip over anyone's page! Off to share with facebook now...

    Thank You!!!

  26. I liked them all! Thank you so much! My email is

  27. I liked them all! My email address is:

  28. I LIKED them all!! Am following both blogs and posted on my FB page! This is so exciting!! I would have two very happy little girls if we win something from these fantastic vendors (not to mention a pretty pleased mama too!!) :) Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway!

    Alma Crump

  29. I liked them all!
    Plus I have followed the blog, and I've posted the link on my personal facebook page!
    Lottie Essig

  30. I "like" all of the pages, and subscribed to your blogs and shared!

    My e-mail is:

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  31. I liked all the pages, shared, and subscribed. My email is

  32. i liked all the pages, shared, and subscribed:) email --

  33. I liked them all :)

  34. I liked them all, shared the link and am following both blogs. - Erin Kowald,

  35. all of the above, done as requested.

  36. I liked all of them, following both the blogs and shared on fb.

    Jessica Goodart,

  37. liked them all, following both blogs,shared link on fb
    courtney brown

  38. "LIKED" all pages, following blogs and I also shared the link on my facebook page! What a fabulous giveaway!
    Pam Jacobs

  39. I have likes all of the vendors, follow both blogs, and shared on FB. Thank you!

  40. Followed Corinna's New Blog!
    Followed Your Blog!!
    Like Your FB Page!!!

    Shared the Link on My FB:

    Like All 80 Sponsors on FB!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway...
    sabrina perrenoud

  41. I like everything! There is some seriously amazing work out there....Kristine Durkin....My 2 Sons Photography,

  42. So beautiful! I am following all the blogs and "liked" all the facebook pages.Thank you!
    Melissa Harmon

  43. I liked the vendors....I mean REALLY liked!!

    Following the blogs and posted it on my FB page!!

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!!

    Amanda Means

  44. I "liked" all of the vendors...some amazing stuff there! I now follow both blogs, and I shared a link on my FB page to the giveaway. I also tagged Landojake Photography in my post. =)

    Ashley Tiblier

  45. Liked all of the vendors, including yourself, as well as both of the blogs. And I shared this giveaway on Facebook!

    Sarah Leatherman

  46. Liked all vendors, followed both blogs, and posted link on my facebook.
    Brittany Henderson :)

  47. I did it all! There are so many amazing things here. I would love to win any of the prizes! =)

    Abigail Freeman Leigh

  48. I liked all the vendors.
    Following the blogs, and sharing this link.
    Thank you.
    Sandy Taylor Minick

  49. My much talent out there in the world!! Now to cross my fingers and hope that I get to enjoy some of those talents!

    Becky Jones

  50. I have followed both blogs, like all vendors and shared on my facebook page. I am in awe - these vendors are amazing!! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Amy Niederhauser Clayburn

  51. I liked them all!!! ;o) And I love everything! ;o)
    Laura Emerson

  52. Liked all the pages and following both blogs. I've also shared on my FB page and tagged you.

  53. Liked all of these AWESOME pages and shared on my page. TYSM for doing this!!

    Ana Baker

  54. I followed both blogs, liked all of the WONDERFUL vendor pages, and shared a link on my page! Thank you all for doing this!!!!
    Angie Booher

  55. I'm following both blogs, have liked all the vendors and shared a link on my Facebook page. Amazing giveaway, thanks!!
    Erin Morgan

  56. I am following both blogs and have liked all the awesome facebook pages. Also, shared the link to your blog on my page. Thanks!

    Stephanie Adkins

  57. I'm following both blogs, liked the pages (WOW!!) and shared the link of FB. Now crossing my fingers I win!

  58. I "liked" all of the pages, I am following both blogs and shared the link of the giveaway on my FB.

  59. "Liked" (love actually) all of the links and followed the blogs. Shared the link and Can't wait to go shopping so make sure to pick me :)

  60. I have liked all the sponsors Facebook pages.
    I am a follower of both your blogs.
    I have shared the link to your blog on my FB wall! thank you for this giveaway
    rebecca witcher

  61. Posted here a couple days ago, but I don't see it, so re-posting just in case!!/kimberly.noss.cunningham

  62. Following the blogs, liked all the FB pages, and shared the link. Thanks!
    Loralee Alcantara

  63. LOVED them ALL!!! Wishing I was rich :) Following both blogs and have posted the link on my FB. My fingers are now crossed!

  64. I have liked all the sponsors Facebook pages.
    I am a follower of both your blogs.
    I have shared the link to your blog on my FB page and tagged you wit the link.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Janene Scarborough

  65. I have liked all the sponsors Facebook pages.
    I am a follower of both your blogs.
    I have shared the link to your blog on my FB page and tagged you wit the link.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Jaima Kortlever

  66. I have liked them all
    I am following both blogs
    I shared the link for the giveaway on my fb page and tagged you with the link
    *cossing my fingers I am one of the winners*

    jackie stevens

  67. I have liked all these pages!! (Which I love anyhow!!!)
    Followed both blogs, and shared a link for the giveaway on my Profile page, and, plus tweeeeet
    Good luck to everyone!!
    Cyn Villa

  68. I follow both blogs and your photography page. Liked all designers facebook page. Finally, I shared the link to the Big Giveaway Contest via my facebook page (

    I am always looking for cute boutiques to get adorable clothes for my daughter, thanks to you I have loads of options. Great work!

    My facebook and google are under two separate email addresses. facebook:

    Candice Denlinger

  69. I have done all the following steps! What a AMAZING giveaway! I normally don't win these things but this one my fingers are super crossed :)

    I was a fan of most of the pages but also saw some new pages who are very talented so thank you again!

    Mandy brown

    Facebook name: Mandy hein brown

  70. Hi! I found it! :) Now I can write my comment here! :) Thanks for your help!

    I have "liked" all of the pages...WOW!!! What a lot of awesome designers!!

    I am also "following" the blogs, and I have 'shared' the link on my f/b page. Looking forward to hearing who wins all of these awesome prizes!

    Thanks so much for having the contests!

    My email is:

  71. I liked them all!

  72. I liked them all!!!!
    my email is
    fb account whitney cotton bruton (stone)

  73. I liked them all. I posted a link on my fb page. My email address is Erin Harris Photography

  74. liked them all!!
    shared the link on my FB page!
    my email:
    thanks so much!!

  75. liked them all both blogs and shared on wall
    rebecka lozano

  76. i liked all joined blogs and shared on my wall thanks so much my email is

  77. WOW - I really loved the opportunity to see all these new desigers, and the BEAUTIFUL designs!
    I liked them all...
    joined the blogs...
    and put the link on my page (2x!)
    Thanks! Julie Hopper

  78. Awesome vendors! I completed all the steps, and am hoping to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Shara Bierman

  79. I Loved them all, am now following both blogs, and have posted the link to my FB page. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. These pages have been awesome to look at!! <3

    Lindsey Christian

  80. I now "like" them all on FB and completed the other steps. Thanks! Kelley Ingram.

  81. I did it all. <3 Thank you

  82. I liked them all:

  83. woohoo! finally finished! this is so great--i liked all the pages, left comments on most!
    thanks for the great giveaway!

    taylortasha at msn dot com


  84. i didn't see mine on the list so im re-posting! i did everything!

  85. All done! Amanda Compton

  86. I liked them all! ( is my facebook...) here's a link to the shout out about the contest.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  87. All vendors liked and other steps accomplished. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  88. I liked them all!!! I am so excited! Whoever wins these will be so lucky! Thanks so much! Laurie Owens ~

    I also shared your link to the blog on my page!!/laurieowens1

  89. liked all the vendors and following the blogs. I also shared on facebook
    Tiffanie Davenport

  90. I liked ALL of the Vendors, both of your blogs & your FB page & posted on my FB page, under; debpaint16 What an Amazing Giveaway thanks for the chance to win!!
    Debbie Damanti Painter

  91. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Following Corinna's blog with my yahoo account - (otherwise, I used my hotmail account).

    Tonia Ouzts

  92. Liked and Thanked!

    Thank you!!

    Denise Miller

  93. liked, followed and shared!

    jayedee halpin dewitt -

  94. I liked all the pages and blogs etc. This is a FABULOUS Giveaway!! :)

  95. I LIKED them ALL!!! What a wonderful giveaway!! Thank you to ALL involved!!

  96. I posted about the giveaway on my FB page. The link to my page is:

    Heather Mullin

  97. I did post another comment but I can't find it sooo... Laura Stagner liked all the pages and would like to be a part of all of this !!!

  98. I liked them all.

  99. I don't know if this will ever work, but I will try it one more time. I "liked" them all. Really I loved them all.